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Trundlin along still

April 25, 2009

Little action on the blog, as there’s been little action in the site.

Personally, my car has been sold, and I’m now commuting via rail, so have a tiny eco glow as I walk into work each day.

My idea for the original Trundlin app. has already been used by at least one other company. As this company’s name rhymes with “Oogle” I’ve thought best leave the idea to them, and try to think of a new twist on the offering.

“Eco” Hotels ?

November 18, 2008

“Greenwashing” is one of my favourite “mot du jour” at the moment.

I’d love to be “green” – but with a family of four, two cars and a job working for a subsidiary of an airline my carbon footprint is the size of a yeti! (Note: Car No.1 turns into a rail season ticket in 2 months time).

As with most middle class suburbanites in 2008 I will apply salve in the form of some eco products when I next shop at my local multi national supermarket.

I will also consider staying at the “aloft Lexington” next time I’m in Boston (

It looks pretty cool, and with a light dusting of eco credentials, I’ll report back on how “eco” is “eco” !


The Trundlin Equation

September 10, 2008

When somebody makes a purchase decision regarding leisure travel there is a correlation between the transit and travel time of a journey and the time spent in the destination.

This could be expressed in a fairly basic mathematical formula with limited variables except that the mode of transport and the method of transit, combined with the reason for travel all have an influence.

This is easily explained anecdotally.

Would you invest the time to fly to Australia if you only spent 1 day in the destination country? Unlikely.

Would you drive 2 hours to spend a night away, to explore an unfamiliar town? Probably.

Below is illustrated three trips I have made over the last year.

The first, a straightforward week in Cornwall, England. I live close, so to drive a few hours at either end for a week’s vacation? Great!

The second, a day’s worth of cars, airport check-ins and flights, for less than 48 hours in Delhi, India.

The third, about 28 hours of transit and travel for less than 24 hours in San Francisco.

There is a Trundlin equation / quotient for each which shows which trip was the most leisurely.

Have a guess (post in the Comments below if you are brave) which has the highest Trundlin quotient, and the reason, and over future posts I’ll divulge and also try to enumerate successfully !

Glad to see Tripadvisor trundlin !

August 28, 2008 have just launched a new search tool, “tankofgas” aimed at finding you accommodation local to you – within a gas tank’s drive.

Its aimed at newly resource conscious consumers, but is just as much aligned to the trundlin concept – you don’t have to travel far to have a vacation. Often the easy option is the most relaxing.

Have a play and let the trundlin readers know what you think in the comments section.

Become a snail, carry your home with you.

August 20, 2008

The life of the open road, Route 66, Route 101, the A30.

A30? Yup. If you live in the UK, then hitting the A30 means you’re on a road trip, heading West. Cornwall.

What better way to do it than in a VW Camper.

You can buy a new/old one from about £22,000 (Danbury) or if you’re not quite that committed then there are a number of rental agencies, from which you can hire a T2 Kombi for your surf trip.

Sevendegreeswest offer a comprehensive service and will have you trundlin on your way in no time. Visit their website for inspiration.


August 15, 2008 is here to salve your travel nerves.

Trundlin is all about leisurely leisure travel.

Speed is NOT of the essence. Leisure is.

We won’t be recommending that you queue for hours at a theme park, or take multi sector flights.

We will be highlighting low impact travel. Low impact on your stress levels, and where possible low impact on the planet.

If you’re reading this in Colorado, then you may want to Trundl to a Telluride bolthole. If you’re in the UK then a break in a lodge in Snowdonia will be within Trundlin range.

If you’re in the UK and want to Trundl to Colorado, then you won’t be Trundlin!

You get the idea 😉

We’ll be highlighting destinations, transport, tools and miscellanea all designed to smooth your progress in this hectic world.

Once again, welcome, and Trundl along for the ride.