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A touch of luxury

October 14, 2008

Sublime trundlin.

The trundlin ethos is part eccentricity, part sustainability, part luxury and part frugality. This recommendation has no sense of frugality, the tiniest soupcon of sustainability and a nod to eccentricity.

The 16th century Bauer Palladio Hotel & Spa ( on Giudecca Island in Venice is rated #13 of 410 hotels in Venice by users – a testament to its quality. With design attributed to Francesco Palladio the hotel is a core part of Venice history.

Being situated on an island 50m from St Mark’s Square the hotel provides a water shuttle to “mainland” Venice. The B Mare solar powered shuttle boat trundles across the Giudecca Canal with no carbon footprint at all. A small nod in the direction of sustainability, but an important one in vulnerable Venezia!

Being across the water from the bustle of Venice, in the dawn light or evening glow you can sit on the terrazzo and admire Venice – eccentric in character and location – trundlin perfection!

……Or fiddle while Rome burns!

October 8, 2008

Stock markets fall, companies fail – perhaps what you need is luxury rather than solitude?

How about kicking back at for some serious R&R if you need to escape from the economic meltdown and you call California home.

Chill out, and if San Jose is still open for business when you return home all the better!

Virgin Holidays & Hip Hotels

September 11, 2008

Firstly, a declaration. In my “day job” I work for the Virgin Group.

Virgin Holidays have teamed up with Herbert Ypma’s Hip Hotels brand to launch a new luxury tour operator.

The definition of leisure is “time available for ease and relaxation”.

Virgin Holidays new venture aims to give the traveller peace of mind, ease and relaxation by assigning them a “Travel Guru” when they make a booking, to ensure their itinerary is booked correctly and any uncertainties, or special requests are dealt with efficiently.

Sounds like heaven. The catch, if it is one, is that this is extreme trundlin, luxury trundlin. If you are the sort of traveller who hankers after the austere accommodation of a Scottish Bod (as featured in an earlier post), then don’t venture over to and request a sumptuous 200 page Hip Hotels guide. This is hotel erotica. A Travelodge will never be the same again!

Now this is what I call trundlin……

August 15, 2008

When I travel by air I can spend more time in the home-airport-plane transition than actually on the air, and I live close to the world’s busiest single runway airport.

For some destinations there is no alternative, but for the committed Trundler it pays to seek out the regional carriers and the small airports where approach traffic, check in times, and airport transits are minimal.

An example of this in the UK is Skysouth ( ) who operate out of the miniscule Shoreham Airport, just outside Brighton in Sussex.

Their website recommends that you check in 30 mins before departure, but the gate closes a mere 15 mins before.

Car parking? No problem. It’s within 20 metres of the terminal building and runway.

The catch? Skysouth only serve Northern France with scheduled services, but for a leisurely Trundl you can’t beat the 9 seated Chieftain with leather seats for that personal experience.