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The best city to live in, trundlin wise…..

September 19, 2008

Magazines frequently feature “list” articles, detailing “The 20 Best Towns for…..”.

I’m going to be no different, and will try to build a list of locations where it’s easy to live, within easy reach of some great leisure locations.

The easy option would be to list all the great holiday destinations! However my aim is to show how many great destinations are within easy reach of some major conurbations.

First up, and for no particulate reason, apart from the fact I spent some formative years there is Zurich, Switzerland.

Visit for a taster, and in a few days I’ll elaborate on what the area has to offer.

Update: Dec 2011 – This post has received thousands of hits over the last two years. Check back soon, for more detail on how to travel leisurely around Zurich and its environs.

The Trundlin Equation

September 10, 2008

When somebody makes a purchase decision regarding leisure travel there is a correlation between the transit and travel time of a journey and the time spent in the destination.

This could be expressed in a fairly basic mathematical formula with limited variables except that the mode of transport and the method of transit, combined with the reason for travel all have an influence.

This is easily explained anecdotally.

Would you invest the time to fly to Australia if you only spent 1 day in the destination country? Unlikely.

Would you drive 2 hours to spend a night away, to explore an unfamiliar town? Probably.

Below is illustrated three trips I have made over the last year.

The first, a straightforward week in Cornwall, England. I live close, so to drive a few hours at either end for a week’s vacation? Great!

The second, a day’s worth of cars, airport check-ins and flights, for less than 48 hours in Delhi, India.

The third, about 28 hours of transit and travel for less than 24 hours in San Francisco.

There is a Trundlin equation / quotient for each which shows which trip was the most leisurely.

Have a guess (post in the Comments below if you are brave) which has the highest Trundlin quotient, and the reason, and over future posts I’ll divulge and also try to enumerate successfully !


August 15, 2008 is here to salve your travel nerves.

Trundlin is all about leisurely leisure travel.

Speed is NOT of the essence. Leisure is.

We won’t be recommending that you queue for hours at a theme park, or take multi sector flights.

We will be highlighting low impact travel. Low impact on your stress levels, and where possible low impact on the planet.

If you’re reading this in Colorado, then you may want to Trundl to a Telluride bolthole. If you’re in the UK then a break in a lodge in Snowdonia will be within Trundlin range.

If you’re in the UK and want to Trundl to Colorado, then you won’t be Trundlin!

You get the idea 😉

We’ll be highlighting destinations, transport, tools and miscellanea all designed to smooth your progress in this hectic world.

Once again, welcome, and Trundl along for the ride.