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Summer Sun and Sunflowers

November 28, 2011


As the weather descends into winter here in the UK my mind starts to wander to next year’s family holiday.

My children will be 14 and 11 and are keen to go surfing – Polzeath in Cornwall being their favourite spot so far.

Being a cyclist, I find the lanes of Cornwall a little hectic at times so whilst I can run on the coastal path or find quiet lanes to ride on my thoughts are leaning towards a holiday spent in Ste Catherine de Fierbois a few years ago where I spent many happy hours navigating the quiet roads amongst the sunflowers.

I’m sure Cornwall will win for August 2012, but I do have another thought – the 2012 Tour de France visits the North East coast and Boulogne, so perhaps I can squeeze in a Gallic trip to see how @markcavendish is warming up for the Olympic Road Race?


Trundlin town no.2 = Perpignan, France

October 1, 2008

Hot on the heels of Zurich as a good trundlin centre is Perpignan, minutes from the Mediterranean, a scant few miles from the Pyrenees.

The Languedoc-Roussillon area has unnumerable gems, all within  an hour’s drive, or a couple of hours’ cycle ride of Perpignan.

  • Colliourre, Castelnou for architectural history.
  • Argeles sur Mer or Saint Cyprien for gaudy Meditteranean resorts.
  • Canigou for a majestic entrance to the Pyrenees

Visti, or for more enticing glimpses of what the region has to offer.

The of the restaurant world

August 22, 2008

Mentioning France in my previous post reminded me of, a movement dedicated to enjoyment of food, at your leisure.

Like us here at Trundlin, the slowfood movement fights the notion that faster is better.

Savour life, and the pleasures in life at your leisure. If something is worth doing its worth doing slowly.

Island life…..just.

August 21, 2008

Whichever country you may live in, or visit, any island is slightly detached, slightly eccentric to the mainland however close to shore it may be.

Whether you need to catch a ferry to get there (e.g. Catalina Island in California, or you can approach over a short bridge (e.g. Ile de Re in France,, or Hayling Island – in the UK) you will often find that the pace of life slows down a notch or two and the rythmn of life is slightly more eccentric than back on the mainland.

If you are looking for detachment and solitude then there are more remote Island options that I will no doubt visit in my blog in the future, but for a gentle break, not too far from the madding crowd, try Island life not too far from home.

What the island loses in physical distance will be more than made up for in mental detachment once there.

Catalina Island, CA, USA.

Catalina Island, CA, USA.

Now this is what I call trundlin……

August 15, 2008

When I travel by air I can spend more time in the home-airport-plane transition than actually on the air, and I live close to the world’s busiest single runway airport.

For some destinations there is no alternative, but for the committed Trundler it pays to seek out the regional carriers and the small airports where approach traffic, check in times, and airport transits are minimal.

An example of this in the UK is Skysouth ( ) who operate out of the miniscule Shoreham Airport, just outside Brighton in Sussex.

Their website recommends that you check in 30 mins before departure, but the gate closes a mere 15 mins before.

Car parking? No problem. It’s within 20 metres of the terminal building and runway.

The catch? Skysouth only serve Northern France with scheduled services, but for a leisurely Trundl you can’t beat the 9 seated Chieftain with leather seats for that personal experience.