Rail Companies and Social Media Engagement

November 16, 2011

Betws y Coed Railway Station, Snowdonia

Venturing back onto the rail network for my new commute, one extra tool in my travel planning box is Twitter.

I use the excellent “UK Train Times” iPhone app by Agant Ltd for rail travel planning. However, for up to the minute status reports and welcome engagement, I follow @SouthernRailUK on Twitter – a company doing the right thing with their customer engagement.

So far, this has made my commuting relatively painless and I enter the dark of winter with a confidence that I won’t be left standing on a cold platform, devoid of information.




October 11, 2011

No longer a 25 minute bike ride, my commute to work is now an hour or so of walk, train, bus, walk.

Depending on the gods of public transport this hour can expand to two or three hours, connecting between bus and train being the biggest variable.

I’m going to explore the Trundlin options for that “last mile” of the journey and share with you.



September 21, 2011

Trundlin has been dormant for awhile, but I’m back working in the travel industry and feel the need to revive my musings on leisurely leisure travel, green transport and the odd completely unrelated topic!

Stay tuned!

Trundlin back online….

October 20, 2009

After a short hiatus, trundlin.com will be back in action shortly.

Watch this space.

A shot in the arm for Tesla

May 19, 2009

Tesla Motors have received an investment from Daimler-Benz in exchange for 10% equity in the company.

A great vote of confidence for Tesla’s nascent technology and following my post about the Smart car trial, not too surprising.

Ford invests $550m in new Small Car Plant

May 6, 2009

Ford have announced today that they are investing $550m to transform their Michigan Truck Plant from one producing “traditional” American SUVs, to a flexible plant for manufacturing small cars.

The interesting part is that from 2011 the plant will churn out the battery electric Focus…..

Is 2011 the year electric goes mainstream?

Michigan Truck Plant

A Tesla powered Smart car. Smart idea?

April 25, 2009

AutoblogGreen have a great little piece on an experimental Tesla powered Smart car.

It can’t be too long before this technology matures and perhaps Elon Musk won’t be mentioned in the same breath as Preston Tucker quite so often.

Trundlin along still

April 25, 2009

Little action on the blog, as there’s been little action in the site.

Personally, my car has been sold, and I’m now commuting via rail, so have a tiny eco glow as I walk into work each day.

My idea for the original Trundlin app. has already been used by at least one other company. As this company’s name rhymes with “Oogle” I’ve thought best leave the idea to them, and try to think of a new twist on the offering.

Tripess. This year’s Dopplr ?

February 8, 2009

I’ve just joined the private beta of a new travel planning website called www.tripess.com.

I use www.dopplr.com, but thought I would give Tripess a try, as I often find the user interface on Dopplr counterintuitive.

First impressions are good – with a particularly neat bookmark option that can grab data from the webpage you are visiting and use it to create a Tripess entry.

I’ll share my findings as my knowledge of the service grows.


If you HAVE to fly, this is the chap to have in the cockpit..

January 16, 2009

Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger III is the chap you want guiding you in to land, if ever there is an in flight “issue”.

Reading a potted biography of the pilot of  US Airways Flight 1549 on CNN reinforces my view (especially as I approach the big “four O”) that experience counts !