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Folding bikes, Bromptons and Design Excellence

November 17, 2011

English Cycles

The image above is not a Brompton. An obvious statement (especially as you can easily read “English” on the down tube –

However, if you board a train at commuter time in the UK, look down and see a folding bike, what you will invariably see is the classic form of a Brompton (

Bromptons have become the de facto brand for city commuters for two main reasons. (1) They do the job they are asked of VERY well. (2) They are the epitome of a British success story, and the brand value that carries is valuable.

The bikes that Rob English manufactures are exquisite collapsible race bikes to enable packing for stowed travel on aeroplanes. For the more prosaic use of hopping on and off trains, a quicker fold is needed and this is where the Brompton design excels.

There are now innumerable alternatives, but the Brompton stands clear. As a new brand, Tern, ( launches, it will be interesting to see if the Brompton hegemony continues.


September 21, 2011

Trundlin has been dormant for awhile, but I’m back working in the travel industry and feel the need to revive my musings on leisurely leisure travel, green transport and the odd completely unrelated topic!

Stay tuned!

Trundlin along still

April 25, 2009

Little action on the blog, as there’s been little action in the site.

Personally, my car has been sold, and I’m now commuting via rail, so have a tiny eco glow as I walk into work each day.

My idea for the original Trundlin app. has already been used by at least one other company. As this company’s name rhymes with “Oogle” I’ve thought best leave the idea to them, and try to think of a new twist on the offering.

Interview with Virgin Atlantic CEO

January 11, 2009

Great interview with Steve Ridgway in The TImes today. An inspirational leader often in the shadow of Richard Branson.

Airlines, as most businesses, are in the eye of the storm at the moment. This is the man to see Virgin Atlantic through!steve-ridgway-1_tcm4-622914

“Eco” Hotels ?

November 18, 2008

“Greenwashing” is one of my favourite “mot du jour” at the moment.

I’d love to be “green” – but with a family of four, two cars and a job working for a subsidiary of an airline my carbon footprint is the size of a yeti! (Note: Car No.1 turns into a rail season ticket in 2 months time).

As with most middle class suburbanites in 2008 I will apply salve in the form of some eco products when I next shop at my local multi national supermarket.

I will also consider staying at the “aloft Lexington” next time I’m in Boston (

It looks pretty cool, and with a light dusting of eco credentials, I’ll report back on how “eco” is “eco” !


Inspired by The Clash…..

October 25, 2008

Should I stay or Should I go?

A couple of days in San Fran or stay at home for some R&R – perhaps a lightning trip to Snowdon?

How to decide? Aha, back to the Trundlin equation – a complex algorithm of time, money, weather and relationships.

For the moment I’m pondering……

For all you tech geeks……

October 8, 2008 was conceived as a service in the SaaS mould, and is still in the early stages of development.

To keep the URL occupied, and build some traffic I’m blogging about parts of the travel sector that interest me and will correlate with the trundlin application once it gets further than an alpha concept!

This site is currently built on the WordPress platform and hosted by

Over the next few days / weeks / years (I’ll come back and edit this when I have a better idea of timelines!) I aim to transition this to a self hosted WordPress site, so I can add extra functionality (including iPhone optimised GUI and an iPhone favicon).

All this in advance of rolling out the Trundlin service – which as you can probably guess will be a SaaS / cloud / Web 3.0 thang based on a certain top selling mobile device……..

……Or fiddle while Rome burns!

October 8, 2008

Stock markets fall, companies fail – perhaps what you need is luxury rather than solitude?

How about kicking back at for some serious R&R if you need to escape from the economic meltdown and you call California home.

Chill out, and if San Jose is still open for business when you return home all the better!

The Trundlin Equation

September 10, 2008

When somebody makes a purchase decision regarding leisure travel there is a correlation between the transit and travel time of a journey and the time spent in the destination.

This could be expressed in a fairly basic mathematical formula with limited variables except that the mode of transport and the method of transit, combined with the reason for travel all have an influence.

This is easily explained anecdotally.

Would you invest the time to fly to Australia if you only spent 1 day in the destination country? Unlikely.

Would you drive 2 hours to spend a night away, to explore an unfamiliar town? Probably.

Below is illustrated three trips I have made over the last year.

The first, a straightforward week in Cornwall, England. I live close, so to drive a few hours at either end for a week’s vacation? Great!

The second, a day’s worth of cars, airport check-ins and flights, for less than 48 hours in Delhi, India.

The third, about 28 hours of transit and travel for less than 24 hours in San Francisco.

There is a Trundlin equation / quotient for each which shows which trip was the most leisurely.

Have a guess (post in the Comments below if you are brave) which has the highest Trundlin quotient, and the reason, and over future posts I’ll divulge and also try to enumerate successfully !


September 2, 2008

I came across this term today – which is what the Trundlin philosophy is all about. Perhaps I should have called this site Staycation instead?

I think I’ll stick to Trundlin as Staycation is (IMHO) an awkward sounding portmanteau.

Go see the definition at