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Google Image Search

November 28, 2011

In reigniting my posts on this blog I’ve noticed that most of the traffic is coming via Google Image Search. Search term = “Zurich”, and this is the post that is currently appearing 16th out of 33,100,000 results:


The best city to live in, trundlin wise…..

September 19, 2008

Magazines frequently feature “list” articles, detailing “The 20 Best Towns for…..”.

I’m going to be no different, and will try to build a list of locations where it’s easy to live, within easy reach of some great leisure locations.

The easy option would be to list all the great holiday destinations! However my aim is to show how many great destinations are within easy reach of some major conurbations.

First up, and for no particulate reason, apart from the fact I spent some formative years there is Zurich, Switzerland.

Visit for a taster, and in a few days I’ll elaborate on what the area has to offer.

Update: Dec 2011 – This post has received thousands of hits over the last two years. Check back soon, for more detail on how to travel leisurely around Zurich and its environs.

Trundlin Swiss Railways style !

August 29, 2008

The trundlin concept implies low rolling resistance, few encounters with queues and officialdom.

Now, Switzerland is not a country that would normally come to mind when thinking about a low incidence of bureaucracy, but the wonderful rail service has a few quirks and features that never fail to awe foreign travellers.

As an an example the ReiseGepack service (or FlyRail as its called on the English language SBB website ( is a service that is nerve racking to use at first, but simply works! You check in your hold luggage at your departure rail station, and pick it up when you land at your international destination, simple, efficient and you’re free to trundl along without your heavy bags – ideal if you want to spend the last hours of a break shopping in Geneva or Zurich before you head home.