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Travels in your mind – even the daily commute can be a journey to embrace

December 12, 2011

Watching the video that I have linked to below, I realised that one of the reasons I love travel – even the repetitive commute that sometimes, on the surface, remains unchanged for months – is that I can find beauty and interest in most things.

Watch the video created by Ice Cube, and you’ll see that his observations are sharply defined by his background as well as his immediate environment.

As you embark on your next journey, ponder how you approach the built environment around you – even if it appears unattractive, you will be able to see the design elements and rationale that put it there. You may not pass by a house designed by the Eames’ but there will be plenty to fascinate and intrigue.

Google Image Search

November 28, 2011

In reigniting my posts on this blog I’ve noticed that most of the traffic is coming via Google Image Search. Search term = “Zurich”, and this is the post that is currently appearing 16th out of 33,100,000 results:

Summer Sun and Sunflowers

November 28, 2011


As the weather descends into winter here in the UK my mind starts to wander to next year’s family holiday.

My children will be 14 and 11 and are keen to go surfing – Polzeath in Cornwall being their favourite spot so far.

Being a cyclist, I find the lanes of Cornwall a little hectic at times so whilst I can run on the coastal path or find quiet lanes to ride on my thoughts are leaning towards a holiday spent in Ste Catherine de Fierbois a few years ago where I spent many happy hours navigating the quiet roads amongst the sunflowers.

I’m sure Cornwall will win for August 2012, but I do have another thought – the 2012 Tour de France visits the North East coast and Boulogne, so perhaps I can squeeze in a Gallic trip to see how @markcavendish is warming up for the Olympic Road Race?

The last mile – winter

November 17, 2011

One mile. That’s how far my office is from the railway station.

I’m extremely lucky to have the option of a free shuttle bus, but connecting bus and train doesn’t always work, so it can be easier to walk the mile.

I’d like the freedom of a folding bike, so I don’t need to run the gauntlet of missing a train by waiting for a bus.

I’ll be looking for extreme light weight, single speed, maybe belt drive and a very quick fold – so intend posting some of my thoughts as I research.

Why Trundlin?

November 18, 2008

Live life at breakneck speed, and what happens? (apart form breaking your neck!) – you forget. What did you do? Where? Who with?

This is what I love about evolution. The balance is (mostly) maintained.

To help me remember my travels I JPEG, I MPEG, I tweet, I dopplr, I email, I write and well, I RECORD everything in some way or other, as well as sharing it with my fellow human beings.

My favourite memory jogger? the still image, will video kill it now there are cameras like the Nikon D90 that can record HD video? I hope the still image doesn’t get reduced to a footnote in history?

Any thoughts readers?


Tesla Motors nears the end?

October 31, 2008

UPDATE: please read the comments to this post for the Tesla take on this. Hopefully the Valleywag vitriol is wrong and Tesla go from strength to strength!

Oh dear. According to, Tesla Motors are down to their last $9m in cash, and are unlikely to deliver (m)any more vehicles.

One of my favourite companies, with a vision of low emission motoring – unfortunately likely to fall by the wayside. However, I’m sure Elon Musk will rise from the ashes!

Sometimes you just have to drive…..

October 18, 2008

I would love an electric car. Technology isn’t quite there yet, so they’re not practical for long journeys. My grand tourer of choice would be a Porsche 911, one of the most iconic cars in my view, although out of my league and a tad too thirsty to e driven without guilt.

However, there are electric cars that are starting to cut the mustard. Even some that are faster than a 911.

Have a look at the Treehugger post linked to above, and make up your own mind. They might be faster, but boy have they been hit with the ugly stick. The Shelby actually looks OK, but the much lauded Tesla and the Tango are fugly!

Trundl, but trundl in style I say. We need a balance, an equilibrium of technology and form (and economy!). When these arrive, I’ll be ready with my cheque book.

Trundlin town no.2 = Perpignan, France

October 1, 2008

Hot on the heels of Zurich as a good trundlin centre is Perpignan, minutes from the Mediterranean, a scant few miles from the Pyrenees.

The Languedoc-Roussillon area has unnumerable gems, all within  an hour’s drive, or a couple of hours’ cycle ride of Perpignan.

  • Colliourre, Castelnou for architectural history.
  • Argeles sur Mer or Saint Cyprien for gaudy Meditteranean resorts.
  • Canigou for a majestic entrance to the Pyrenees

Visti, or for more enticing glimpses of what the region has to offer.

Trundl with protection

September 12, 2008

With today’s collapse into administration of the XL Leisure in the UK, it’s probably a good time to mention that the joys of trundlin are best appreciated when you’re financially protected against failure of the travel company.

In the UK that means booking a package that is ATOL bonded OR by paying for your travel products with a debit rather than credit card.

Book with care, so you don’t get credit crunched!


August 15, 2008 is here to salve your travel nerves.

Trundlin is all about leisurely leisure travel.

Speed is NOT of the essence. Leisure is.

We won’t be recommending that you queue for hours at a theme park, or take multi sector flights.

We will be highlighting low impact travel. Low impact on your stress levels, and where possible low impact on the planet.

If you’re reading this in Colorado, then you may want to Trundl to a Telluride bolthole. If you’re in the UK then a break in a lodge in Snowdonia will be within Trundlin range.

If you’re in the UK and want to Trundl to Colorado, then you won’t be Trundlin!

You get the idea 😉

We’ll be highlighting destinations, transport, tools and miscellanea all designed to smooth your progress in this hectic world.

Once again, welcome, and Trundl along for the ride.