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Inspired by The Clash…..

October 25, 2008

Should I stay or Should I go?

A couple of days in San Fran or stay at home for some R&R – perhaps a lightning trip to Snowdon?

How to decide? Aha, back to the Trundlin equation – a complex algorithm of time, money, weather and relationships.

For the moment I’m pondering……

Seattle style

October 2, 2008

As a resident of a damp island (the UK), I have a special affinity with islands, and gravitate to temperate locations, rather than tropical – much to the consternation of my Caribbean loving family!

So, Seattle and its environs, such as Vancouver, Vashon and Whidbey Islands makes it onto my list of great places to live if you like Trundlin.

Skiing? Snoqualmie is around an hour’s drive away.

Boho island life? Vashon or Bainbridge islands may fit (even if you’re only bohemian at the weekend, and are a buttoned down tech sort of gal/guy Mon-Fri  😉 )

Cycling? Washington, Oregon and Vancouver all provide a lifetime’s worth of roads and trails.

Running? Perfect! Visit the Seattle Running Company ( for local guides or event details.

Sounds idyllic? Well, like much of the “civilised” world, Seattle is in the midst of a credit crisis, so if you’re not lucky enough to live near Puget Sound already there could be a bargain awaiting you. Once there, why would you ever want to leave!

Click on for a further glimpse on what the region has to offer, and get trundlin……..

Trundl with protection

September 12, 2008

With today’s collapse into administration of the XL Leisure in the UK, it’s probably a good time to mention that the joys of trundlin are best appreciated when you’re financially protected against failure of the travel company.

In the UK that means booking a package that is ATOL bonded OR by paying for your travel products with a debit rather than credit card.

Book with care, so you don’t get credit crunched!

The Trundlin Equation

September 10, 2008

When somebody makes a purchase decision regarding leisure travel there is a correlation between the transit and travel time of a journey and the time spent in the destination.

This could be expressed in a fairly basic mathematical formula with limited variables except that the mode of transport and the method of transit, combined with the reason for travel all have an influence.

This is easily explained anecdotally.

Would you invest the time to fly to Australia if you only spent 1 day in the destination country? Unlikely.

Would you drive 2 hours to spend a night away, to explore an unfamiliar town? Probably.

Below is illustrated three trips I have made over the last year.

The first, a straightforward week in Cornwall, England. I live close, so to drive a few hours at either end for a week’s vacation? Great!

The second, a day’s worth of cars, airport check-ins and flights, for less than 48 hours in Delhi, India.

The third, about 28 hours of transit and travel for less than 24 hours in San Francisco.

There is a Trundlin equation / quotient for each which shows which trip was the most leisurely.

Have a guess (post in the Comments below if you are brave) which has the highest Trundlin quotient, and the reason, and over future posts I’ll divulge and also try to enumerate successfully !

City airports….

September 9, 2008

If you have ever flown into, or out of London, then you will know that neither Heathrow (LHR) or Gatwick (LGW) Airports are actually in London. Nor is Stansted (STN), or Luton (LTN).

LGW, STN and LTN are all 25 – 30 miles outside of London, LHR is a little closer. (I’ve excluded London City Airport (LCY) from here as although its in the heart of the London Docklands it can only accommodate STOL (Short Take Off Landing) aircraft so has a limited short haul reach.

Transit time from airport to city the world over can be a surprise if you don’t research.

Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL) to India Gate, New Delhi?  – Seven miles

Lisbon Airport to Lisbon waterfront? – Three miles

San Francisco (SFO) Airport to Fisherman’s Wharf? – Thirteen miles. Stretching it a little, but still an easy trundl away.

Choose your airport carefully and trundling along comfortably at your destination can make all the difference to to a leisurely break.

Lisbon - Airport 3 miles north!

Lisbon - Airport 3 miles north!

Shetland Bods

September 4, 2008

If you like isolation, and want to escape the hordes, then a trip to Shetland will blow the cobwebs away!

A camping bod ( is far from the madding crowd by any stretch of the imagination.

Getting there might take a while if you don’t live in Scotland or Norway (there are regular flights from Bergen and various Scottish cities) but like the San Juan huts I blogged about recently a stay in a bod here will certainly enable you to “switch off” from the 21st century.

If you;re a writer, artist, thinker, photographer, romantic or hermit then a bod might be for you!


Knowledge is power. Opodo launch SMS flight updates.

August 19, 2008

One surefire way to feel like you’re trundlin along with not a care in the world is to have facts at your fingertips. have just announced a new service called the “Tarmac Text”, whereby a passenger booking flights through Opodo will receive a text message ahead of their trip containing their booking reference number, flight number, flight departure time and a weather summary at their chosen holiday destination.

So, when you do have to run the gauntlet of the UK’s airports in order to get trundlin this will add a little bit of confidence to your journey and help reduce the “did I”, “will I”, will they” questions niggling in your subconscious.